Enroll at Teen Summer Camp in Hawaii for Travel and Adventure


Oahu Tours while experiencing Teen Summer Camp in Hawaii

Oahu Tours while experiencing Teen Summer Camp in Hawaii

Oahu Tours while experiencing Teen Summer Camp in Hawaii

Oahu Tours while experiencing Teen Summer Camp in Hawaii

Oahu Tours while experiencing Teen Summer Camp in Hawaii

Oahu Tours while experiencing Teen Summer Camp in Hawaii

Oahu Tours while experiencing Teen Summer Camp in Hawaii

Oahu Tours while experiencing Teen Summer Camp in Hawaii

Heading for Tours at Teen Summer Camp in Hawaii
Hawaiian Experience and Adventures

Since you have chosen us to make this life-changing tour, we are dedicated to making this the best summer of your life.

Upon arrival every teen will be greeted at the airport in the traditional Hawaiian way, with a flower lei and honi honi. Provided with a nutritious snack or meal as needed and then rest before our welcome dinner.

Unique Benefits

  • Work Hands on with Homeless Keiki
  • Teen Leadership Workshops
  • Award Winning Hula instructors/skirt making
  • Living Aloha
  • Authentic Hawaiian Lu’au
  • Ancient Ghost Tours
  • Sacred Land Visits
  • Local Hot Spots
  • Hawaiian Emersion for True Hawaiian Culture
  • Presidents Volunteer Service Award (we are the only teen mentoring program to offer this)
  • Preparing Ancient Hawaiian Meals (recipes passed down through generations)

Adventure Highlights

  • Swim with Dolphins and other sea life
  • Surf Lessons w/pipeline champions
  • Island Hopping
  • Hiking Active Volcano
  • Moonlight Canoe Caving
  • Snorkel Cruise
  • Star Charting
  • Waipi’o Valley
  • Explore Hidden Beaches
  • Tropical Rainforest and Waterfall Hiking
  • Kayak Waterfalls around Coconut Island
  • Pirate Adventures Cruise
  • Body Boarding at "Yokes"

Tours while on Big Island of Hawai’i:

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The island of Hawai'i is known as the Big Island. This is the largest of all the islands, and is known for the 13 different climate zones across the over 200 mile wide island. We will spend most of our time on the East side, which is the "wet side", meaning it rains almost every evening. That is not a bad thing, as it is still very warm and dry during the day, and keeps our island beautiful. The volcano is also located only 30 minutes from our first summer camp session. We will be traveling to all regions of the island to give the teens the full grasp of all it has to offer.

Oahu Tours while experiencing Teen Summer Camp in HawaiiOn the east side of the island teens will be able to experience the famous Rainbow Falls, hike the cliffs and jump into the crystal clear water below. Other activity tours include the kayak the waterfall around Coconut Island. Our hotel is right on the ocean so teens will only be steps away for the beach and spectacular views.

Honululu Tours for Teen Volunteers at Summer Camp in HawaiiTouring some of the "off limit to the public" areas and getting a feel for the true Hawaiian lifestyle. Including the sacred lands of Waipi’o Valley, Waimea (cowboy country), and tropical jungles.

While on the West side, we will visit the famous Ali'i Drive for shopping, volleyball and lunch on turtle beach. This hour and half drive will also take us past 16 waterfalls, lush canyons, and bridges over the ocean for spectacular views of the Big Island, as well as glimpse of Maui.

Games in Hawaii at Teen Summer CampWhile on this side of the island, teens will be able to board the snorkel cruise, swim with the dolphins, he’e (octopus), and honu (turtle) spend the afternoon at the "TEEN VOTED BEST" beach. Furthermore, while staying on this side of the island we spend our nights at a Vacation Resort complete with club house, outdoor BBQ, swimming pool, tennis courts and more activities just incase the teens have extra energy. Teens will also experience the outdoor sunset movie on the lawns of Mauna Loa.

Tours while on O’ahu:

Island hopping is not only fun and exciting but allows the teens to seeFun at Summer Camp with a Teen Volunteer on the Island of Hawaii different aspects of the culture from the country and small towns to the big city lights and faced paced streets lined with street entertainment. Teens are giving the opportunity to experience the "tourist activities" with a local twist. Seeing the island through the eyes of natives is far more impressive and wondrous then on a tour bus, or a guide in a fake Hawaiian print shirt. Living Aloha, and speaking the language will be second nature in a matter of days.

Dolphins in Hawaii during Teen Summer Camp

While on the island of O'ahu teens will visit the heart of Waikiki from the tiki torch lit white sands beaches, to the lively street entertainers. This island is known as "the gathering place" because it is the smallest island of the chain, yet everyone comes to this island for the sand, sea, and world class shopping. Teens will be staying at the newest resort area on the island; Ko’Olina Marriot where they will have their own private lagoon, beaches and resort activities to participate in during their “free time”. (Right next to the Aulani Disney Resort)

While on this island teens will learn to surf, visit secluded beaches and participate in cultural activities. Since this island is hot every day and rarely rains, teens can catch up on their tan while exploring a variety of beaches. We will attend an Authentic Luau for a first hand experience to help them understand and prepare for their own. Hang out with the local Hawaiian at every turn.

Surfing at Hawaii Teen Summer Camp Hula skirt making while experiencing Teen Summer Camp in Hawaii

This is truly a once in a life-time opportunity as every year changes the adventure line-up as our island opportunities change.

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Itinerary, Lodging, Transportation, Activities, Meals, all subject to change without notice for the safety and comfort of the teens. Life changes rapidly living on an island and we are not responsible for changes due to weather or any unforeseen circumstances