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Teen volunteers during service in Hawaii helping homeless children at camp
Service projects for teens at summer camp in Hawaii

Teen Leadership and Mentoring Workshops

Our award-winning workshops are designed to build life skills and teach teens more about their own abilities that will help them pursue their future goals. There are 3 to 5 workshops offered per camp depending on the session and dates chosen.

Arts as Medicine: Teens will learn the skills to use art as a tool to help the younger campers express their feelings and emotions. Since our campers live in such dismay, they don’t always have the skills to share what is on their mind or how they are feeling. Children at Teen Summer Camp in HawaiiThis is very empowering for all who participate. Through the process teens also learn their own way to communicate through art. This is always voted teen’s favorite workshop.

Accept, Adapt, Achieve: An award winning national based workshop that helps the teens to fulfill their full potential on their life’s journey. Basic fundamentals of being a leader help the teens to take on real world issues, and achieve their goals. Teens will be able to put some of their newfound skills to work when faced with challenges during the camp program.

Everyday Leaders: Teens will be working with different mediums, including art, self care kits, and more.
This workshop is designed to provide:
▪ Skill building techniques
▪ Find values and strengths within themselves that they can use to be a positive role model and team leader
▪ Work within the team to accomplish the goals at hand

Service projects for teens at summer camp in Hawaii
Hawaii Island Exploration for teens at summer camp

Discover ME: This workshop allows teens to fully share who they are, learn about each other, and then find ways to support each others needs during the camp. Workshop with the Children at Teen Summer Camp in Hawaii The teens learn to work as a team to reach the goals set while keeping their own thoughts and feeling in the overall process. For example, learning to listen to each other’s ideas to implement a program or fix an issue without arguing, disregarding others ideas and working towards a common goal without feeling left out or dismissed. If only everyone had these skills throughout their lives.

Teen’s Toolbox for Life: This is a fun workshop that teaches tools for success during their life journey, from high school success, to career goals. We feel teens have two basic choices in life.

One, to accept conditions the way they are and live with it, or TWO, to accept the responsibility to make the changes they wish to see. Although it sounds easier said then done, these tools will help them achieve their goals they set forth.

What's Your Natural Intuition? This workshop will show each teen their own strengths and natural ability, as well as how to develop more strengths to become a more powerful leader.
▪ Get insights into your personal intuition style and strengths.
▪ Learn what this means for you as a team member and leader.
▪ Explore opportunities for extending your strengths and developing your personal leadership style.
▪ Get clarity as you learn how to communicate with authority with self-confidence.
▪ Uncover and refine a clear professional communication style that gets you noticed and heard.

Certificates will accompany all workshops.

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Itinerary, Lodging, Transportation, Activities, Meals, all subject to change without notice for the safety and comfort of the teens. Life changes rapidly living on an island and we are not responsible for changes due to weather or any unforeseen circumstances