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Teen volunteers during service in Hawaii helping homeless children at camp
Service projects for teens at summer camp in Hawaii


Creating Future Leaders of Tomorrow


Mentoring Completion Course Certificate
  • Mentoring
  • Leadership Skills
  • Service Learning
  • Community Service

Teens will also earn the President’s Volunteer Service Award
Teen Summer Camp in Hawaii Volunteer Award

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Having fun at Project Hawai'i 2007

You will experience a new culture while immersing yourself in our summer camp activities with your camp buddy. You will have the opportunity to choose your own camp buddy or two to actively guide through the camp curriculum filled with games, crafts, reading time, and more. This allows you to bond with your buddy, learn all about their lives, and share your experiences with them.

All our children come from extreme poverty stricken situations. Some are homeless, living in cars and tents; some are just getting back on their feet, moving into a home. None of these children would be able to experience this wonderful summer camp without your sponsorship and support.

You will be come "best buds" for the duration of the summer activities which will allow your buddy to gain self-esteem while you experience life-changing moments. You are making the difference to help change THEIR world for the better.

For additional photos and information, check out our other site at www.projecthawaii.org

Summer Camps for Homeless Keiki (Children)

5 Days/4 Nights

While on the island of O'ahu, teens will be working alongside their camp buddies while attending various adventures. Along with introducing the children to the wonders of the islands, these field trips are designed to teach the little one's basic social skills that will help them in their educational journey. Educational adventures include Honolulu Zoo, Waikiki Aquarium, Mini Golf, and even boarding a real pirate ship for a morning of make believe. Teens will also be able to help with meal prep and outreach to homeless camps.

Children at Teen Summer Camp in Hawaii

Hawaii Island Exploration for teens at summer camp

5 Days/4 Nights

Teens and their camp buddies will be staying in the most beautiful and peaceful retreat style camp. Our cabins are full equipped with all amenities and comforts of 'home' almost. This retreat also features outdoor pavilions great for our cook outs and a huge multipurpose room for movie night.

Teen summer Camps Hawaii Activities This camp allows teens to be work more individually with their camp buddies. Teaching them life and social skills to help them succeed in their upcoming school year. This camp features more hands on projects, experiments and educational programs.

During this camp many guests come to share their talents and help make this a very educational program for our keiki.

Teens will have the opportunity to help with meal prep, kitchen crew, activity set up, and helping to teach life skills to the keiki.

Our daily activities will rotate every 90 minutes throughout the day until 4 p.m. Some of our activities include Waterwars, Summer Olympics, Science Day, Play Production, Puppet Making, and so much more.

Evenings are reserved for such activities as flashlight tag, monster movie night and glamour night.

DURING THE BIG ISLAND SLEEPOVER CAMP teens will also have 'teen time' away from their camp buddies to assure that they are able to experience all the culture and wonders of the island among themselves. Some of the teen adventures will include traveling to the sacred valleys of Waipio for hiking and swimming at the black sand beaches. Teens will also be attending their hula lessons and visit the near by town for a teen escape for a Starbucks treat.

Teens will be actively working on the graduation ceremony for their camp buddies at the end of camp. Graduation is a very important step in the child's life. They will receive their new backpacks filled with school supplies, new outfit and shoes to start their new year off ready to learn. All their siblings will also receive the same. The graduation ceremony will give the teens the opportunity to show off their new found Hawaiian talents. Teens will perform their hula on stage with a local Hawaiian band. All of the food that is prepared by our teens in the traditional authentic Lu'au style

SECOND SERVICE PROJECTS include Project Planning, Marketing, Fundraising, Supportive Services, Public Awareness:

Each teen will be paired into smaller groups while we travel the islands, creating awareness of our homeless crisis among children and families. We will be raising funds to help YOUR camp buddies go back to school prepared and ready to learn. Teens will help in all aspects from start to finish, which will allow them to earn an additional 25 hours of service project completion.

Children at Teen Summer Camp in Hawaii

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