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CULTURAL INSTITUTE OF AMERICA believes in opening the hearts and minds of teens and young adults through interactive cultural exchange. Working exclusively with partners that make a difference and changing lives allows CIA to help create new leaders of our future.

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The CIA was developed from many different company leaders that got "tired" of the whole tour business to just be about the money, and not about the teens. After years of designing teen based tours, and real life cultural experience, CIA opened their hearts to the teens who truly wish to make a difference in their own lives as well as others.

Excelling to Higher Standards is not just our motto, but also our philosophy. We believe that when you sign up our tour, you are entitled to best of what we have to offer. We work with small groups to assure the attention and time needed. We help YOU leave foot prints in the Hawai'ian sand worth following.

Please meet our founders, staff, and volunteer service agency below. (Feel free to contact us for referrals of past teens who attended our tours.)

Helping YOU Leave Footprints in the Hawaiian Sands Worth Following

Award Winning Teen Mentoring Projects.

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In 1990, CIA won the International Teen Serve award for Cultural Learning in San Francisco California. Our director created and implemented a teen internship for international students and set the standards for IBM and Sutter Memorial’s internship program. She was sent to Spain to direct workshops for internships in the US. Working closely with Island Affiliates in 2001, has brought this internship program to the islands of Hawai’i as well.

In 2003, National Youth Service Corp. Selected our teen mentoring program as a model to set the standards for service projects across the US.

CIA has won several awards for their teen mentoring program design. Working with Reading is Fundamental, our director created the national followed “CLUB RIF” program which allows teen mentoring program to help educate the youth of tomorrow. Typically used in a school based setting; however Magin designed the program for her summer camps. Magin worked two years to develop this program and won awards in 2004 and 2005. After the completion of this national based model in 2005, this teen mentoring program also won the NFL and Coca-Cola educational award to further the teen mentoring program in Hawaii. After being implemented in more schools and communities across the US, once again in 2007, this teen mentoring program won the Starbucks ABC for learning award.

Meet our summer camp 'Ohana

Magin Patrick - assistant director for hawaii teen summer campProgram Director: Magin Patrick

Magin Patrick is not only known for her awards and her passion to save the world on her own, but she is also a mom of 4. Since she is still undergoing her privilege of raising teens herself, she understands the importance of care they require. This means when you send your teen on this tour….you are sending them to the loving hands of a mom. She has earned her masters degree in psychology and a BA in business, although now she left all that behind on her quest to make this summer camp a reality for so many. Her hobbies include caring for homeless children and implementing a fun and rewarding program for your teen.

Kalipa Kama - assistant director for hawaii teen summer campAssistant Director: KALIPA KAMA

Kalipa Kama is a retired educator. He mostly worked with middle and high school aged teens in a special Hawaiian Heritage program. This program was designed to encourage and help the native Hawaiians succeed and keep their culture throughout their school years. However, because of budget cuts this program was taken from our educational system. Before that Kalipa enjoyed coached baseball and took his team to state championships. All these team building and leadership skills help to make our teen mentoring program a success. Hawaiian born he is able to share his heritage and traditions passed down through generations to assure that the lessons learned are true to the culture. Adding Aloha to our program is essential to the teens understanding. Being Hawaiian also includes a natural love for the ocean, and other wonders of the islands.

Our staff are "locals", which in Hawai'i is a big thing. By providing our teen tours with local coordinators, teens will experience Hawai'i the way it was meant to be. Hawai'i is known for its beaches, its famous resorts, tourism. Our staff will open your eyes to the true Hawai'i, hidden beaches, and tropical jungles. Our staff knows all the "hidden treasures", where to get the best shave ice, and where the "locals" hang out. Not just the façade of Hawai'i.


Kassy Elaine - teen group leader for summer camps in HawaiiKassy Elaine recently completed her BA in Art Therapy and is now in the masters program at the University of Hawai’i for to pursue her psychology degree which she will use to help children through interactive art therapy. This experience has been very helpful over the past years to our programs success as well. Kassy is a self-starter and very outgoing which makes for a great teen group leader. Some of her hobbies include shopping, designing clothing and exploring the islands and swimming with the dolphins.

Fale Manuelle is joining us for his second year after having a blast in 2010. He is very outgoing and adventurous. His Samoan heritage adds even more culture to our program. He starts out shy, but once he involves himself with the young camp buddies he becomes very outgoing and adventurous.

Christina Clark - teen group leader for summer camps in HawaiiChristina Clark will be joining us for the Edu-Camp as a cabin leader to help the teens with their camp buddies, especially in the evenings getting them ready for bed. She is a college student and dedicates her summer to the success of this program as well. This year will be her 3rd year attending camp. She is a fun loving spirited young lady who really enjoys working with both the teens and the little one’s at the sleepover camp session.

KEVIN PATRICK is the founder of Cultural Institute of America.

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In 1990, Kevin designed a unique cultural exchange experience to provide teens with the opportunity to learn a new culture, while helping to make a difference in the lives of others. By opening young minds and broadening horizons, teens experience once in a lifetime adventures, build new friendships, and help make our earth a better place to live.

Our founder believes in providing a quality once- in-a-lifetime tours to assure that you get the most out of your experience.



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Itinerary, Lodging, Transportation, Activities, Meals, all subject to change without notice for the safety and comfort of the teens. Life changes rapidly living on an island and we are not responsible for changes due to weather or any unforeseen circumstances